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In Search of the Truth of the May 10, 2010 Philippine Automated Elections

THE recent Philippine automated elections were held on May 10, 2010, the 113rd anniversary of the murder-by-execution of the "Father of Philippine Revolution," Andres Bonifacio. A month after, on June 19, the 149th anniversary of the birth of Jose Rizal, a coalition seeking mainly to "unravel the truth surrounding the May 2010 elections" held a seven-hour forum that explained the mechanics of the AES and its failure and showed the many blatant lies perpetrated by both the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and Smartmatic-TIM. Could the apparent historical coincidences timed with important days associated with the country's two national heroes forebode of the ultimate revelation of what really happened during the Filipinos' first experience with automated polls?

       June 19, Jose Rizal B-day          -    May 10, Andres Bonifacio's Death
(2010 Coincidences w/ National Heroes' Significant Dates)

The MIGHT e2010 (Movement for Integrity in Governance and Honesty and Truth in the May 2010 Elections) forum also presented surprise witness Jonathan Manalang, the Operations Director of the technical support center of Smartmatic. Manalang, whose testimony before the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms was cut short by Makati Cong. Teddy Boy Locsin made some rather surprising revelations about the AES elections. He revealed that there was a  "superserver" located in Antel Building in Quezon which Smartmatic lied about and that excess PCOS machines were delivered to certain areas.


The resource persons also pointed to the glaring illegality of the automated polls. Election lawyer Araold Bayobay listed the actions and decisions committed by no less than Comelec itself in clear violation of the Poll Automation Law. Former Assemblyman Homobono severely criticized congress for its the proclamation of now-"President-elect" Noynoy Aquino despite the absence of a quorum, which he says is blatant violation of due process and the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

Conspiracy of Cheating?

Former Assemblyman Homobono Adaza and Atty. Arnold Bayobay categorically spoke of cheating at both the local and national levels. Adaza referred to documents showing the nationwide pattern of improbable zero vote results. Suspiciously, the joint congressional oversight committee on automated elections or JCOC-AE has refused to investigate the glaring anomaly.

Striking evidence of apparent fraud at the presidential level was also shown. Bayobay presented election returns from a precinct in Pampanga that showed former President Joseph Estrada as the winner, followed by Sen. Manuel Villar and now-"President-elect" Noynoy Aquino trailing as third. However, he says that the transmitted report reflected Aquino as the winner. 

Where Did Our Votes Go? forum on the truth of the Philippine

Mainstream Media Co-Optation?

The collusion of mainstream media to failure and probable cheating in the polls was also questioned. Manalang also testified to how at one point, the media was reporting on the supposed transmission Of 50 percent of the Certificates of Canvass or COC despite the fact that only 20 percent transmission was reflected in the headquarters of Smartmatic-TIM. Presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas had earlier wondered where the excess media-reported votes were coming from.

The group as a whole criticized the mainstream media for "conspiring" with both Smartmatic and the COMELEC in keeping facts away from public knowledge. According to Adaza, the mainstream organization's selection coverage of elections have worked against fomenting nationwide awareness of the conduct of the recent automated polls, hinting of the deliberate co-optation of media in electronic fraud.

The transcript of a video presentation of the forum follows:

"As we struggle to get to the truth. The truth that will give honor to each Filipino's vote."

-- Patricia Ilagan, MIGHT e2010

"We wake up one day and the votes are set and we do not even know how our votes were counted. I think we owe it to ourselves to look for the truth. And we thank you for being here in search of the truth, so that each and every one of us can make our own conclusions, but we should not let democracy be assaulted if there is any question of the 2010 elections being fraudulently conducted."

-- Sen. Jamby Madrigal

What Really Happened with your Votes?

"What really happened with your votes? what went through this election on May 10. It's anything but not perfect." 

-- Mr. Edmundo G. Casino (Philippine Computer Society, Board of  Director)

Legal and technical explanations from I.T. experts and lawyers

"... if one of those people puts something malicious in the software and is distributed to all the machines, then that one person could be responsible for change of, possibly tens of thousands of votes, maybe even hundreds of thousands across the country. That's the very danger of the situation."

"So if you can hack the memory cards, you can control an election"


"The good commissioner decided... this May 10, 2010 ... that practically debunks the provision of the law with regards section 6 of Republic Act No. 9369 under the title minimum system capabilities."

"One, it did not minimize cheating; in fact, it opened up more windows of opportunity to cheat in manners which would be very difficult for non-IT familiar watchers to comprehend."

--Vice-Gov. Emmanuel Pinol, North Cotabato

First Automated Polls Fail

"If this goes unattended, this country goes kaput in every elections."


Proof of Fraud from Known Politicians      -      Modern way Cheating
"I was surprised when he asked me if I am willing to engage his services, including those of his partners to guarantee the victory of my entire slate in the province. He further told me that they could manipulate the PCOS machines and as a matter of fact, all PCOS machines will be reprogrammed before elections to accommodate all politicians who will enlist their services"

-- Gov. Ace Barbers, Surigao del Norte

"It is easier to cheat in this elections because it is all automatic"

-- Pastor Ronald Tan, Vice-Mayoralty candidate, Tagaytay City

Those who Deny the Truth to be Heard

"It is not their right at all to hear it in my committee. The committee has the right to hear this in executive session. If he wants to speak, the cameras please go down to the parking lot and listen to him."

-- Cong. Teddy Boy Locsin

Truth that Every Filipino Deserves       -    For a Country Free of Fraud & Corruption

"We must uncover truth now. I am saying this: we must prosecute this individuals now. If it is really his desire and claim to rid this nation of corruption, start here, start with this election."

-- Pastor Ronald Tan of Tagaytay City

Uncovering the Truth

Question: "Are you guys telling us that Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay are not the winners?

"To really uncover truth, now whether or not it is Noynoy or whether or not it is Erap or whether or not it is Villar, that is actually a... that's beside the point."
-- Pastor Tan

Who made the Problems

"The Problem is not about the law. It was about the implementation and the people behind."

Knowing who Really won the Elections

"Erap Estrada won. But in the election returns that was used in the canvass, it was Noynoy Aquino who won."
-- Atty. Arnold Bayobay

Leaders willing to Tell All - Know how they Made Fun on the Elections

"The Elections held on May 10, 2010 is illegal and unconstitutional. Here, you don't come out with a receipt, insert your card...ah, the ballot and you get "Congratulations." 'Congratulations, stupid.'... hehe.

"The sooner we throw this fellow out into the Mindanao Pit, the better it will be for us."

-- Ex-Cong. Homobono Adaza

Be Strong, Fight for the Truth    -    Learn the Whole Truth

"Let us build the house of this country that is founded on rock, beginning today."

-- ex-Assemblyman Adaza

[Media Complicity?]

"Nothing is changed since Martial Law, except that the people following you are more invisible and have more power because if they can control media, they can control the way you think. And we cannot allow the mainstream media to control the way we think, into thinking that this was the cleanest elections that we ever had."
-- Sen. Madrigal

Question: "The question is right behind our guests. Where did our votes go? What do I tell my family?"

The forum  held at the Manila Polo Club was attended by some 500 people that included intellectuals, civil society leaders, NGOs, academics, corporate executives, religious, student leaders, retired military and police officers, socialites and a few European diplomats.

The MIGHT e2010 coalition includes the Philippine Computer Society, Bro. Eddie Villanueva's Bangon Pilipinas, Councilor Jc de los Reyes' Ang Kapatiran Party, Anti-Trapo Movement of the Philippines, Brigada Berde, Bantay Garci 2010, Mahal Ko Bayan Ko, Center for Alternative Development Initiatives, Buklod National Political Party, Quezon City Political Coalition for Truth,  Para Sa Bansa Movement, Buklod Political Party, ATRIPPEDA.


WHERE DID OUR VOTES GO? Video presentation of the MIGHT E2010 forum held June 19, 2010, at the Manila Polo Club.

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*Selection and Proclamation of National Heroes and Laws Honoring Filipino Historical Figures.  *From the Reference and Research Bureau Legislative Research Service, House of Congress. Site.


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