Monday, October 20, 2008

Psychic Predictions on Estrada and Arroyo, the US, Obama & the world

Warning: Only for those who take psychic "predictions" not to heart.

The decade was the mid-1980s when I watched the documentary on Nostradamus' predictions, the much acclaimed The Man Who Saw Tomorrow. Much of its contents had already slipped my mind (until I recently decided to revisit the movie via YouTube) but based from the presentation, I remember telling myself then that the French seer has a near-prophetic accuracy at foretelling the future, and that he has some rather dire predictions in store for the modern humans. I wasn't inclined, however, to buy his predictions hook, line and sinker. While I was try to keep an open mind as a matter of "scientific thinking" policy, I'm not the gullible type because I always seek valid evidence before getting myself to believe anything.

One of Nostradamus astounding predictions shown in the film is the supposed devastation of the world being brought about by a nuclear war instigated by a Muslim leader from the "East." As show in the film, the man, clad in an apparently Muslim garb with blue turban, will launch a nuclear weapon targeting the United States of America. Keep in mind that the year this was shown was the 1980s and that at the time, the "enemy" of the US was no other than the communist superpower Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Back then, any Muslim country being able to stand up to the US was unthinkable. Moreover, the Cold War had every country and everyone fearing that the end of the world would come via a nuclear missile exchange between the two superpowers.

As history would later unfold, the improbable happened when the once indivisible USSR and its communist bloc began disintegrating, beginning in the late 1980s. Was this historical development a proof of the accuracy of Nostradamus' predictions?

Predictions of an "Apo"

Amidst numerous internet sites insinuating, if not actually naming Democratic standard bearer Barack Obama as the next "anti-Christ" mentioned in Nostradamus quatrains, I ventured to seek a more "enlightened" interpretation of the Nostradamus predictions that potentially relates to Obama and the future of the world. I then set out to "consult" with a low-profile psychic I've heard about for years. I've been aware of his political predictions on the Philippine scene--which I constantly question in my mind but most of which have so far proved to be true.

Ever since the Edsa 2 coup that deposed the constitutionally elected Joseph Estrada and catapulted the power grabbing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the presidency, I must admit I have been hoping for some news or "predictions" that would rectify this grave political sin against the Filipino people. Apo, however, would consistently predict that the fake "President" Arroyo would continue her hold on power--despite the pro-Estrada Edsa 3 failed revolution, numerous coup rumors and attempts, and electoral exercises, particularly the 2004 elections (which official results declaring Arroyo's win over opposition bet Fernando Poe Jr. proved to have been rigged by a conspiracy among Arroyo, certain Comelec and military officials, administrations senators and congressmen, and perhaps even the NAMFREL "watchdog").

Obama victory

Apo has very interesting things to say on both the Philippine and American political scenes, and the world in general. What will happen in America in the next months or years, it seems, will gravely impact on world developments. Well, the United States being the sole remaining superpower, it's hardly surprising that developments in the US influence events in other parts of the globe.

The Democratic ticket led by Barack Obama will most likely win the November elections, says Apo. The final vote tally will yield an approximately 33 percent lead over the Republican tandem of McCain and Palin. Unfortunately, there's a second, unpalatable part of this prediction. Barack Obama's presidency will be marked by pronounced materialism. Contrary to Obama's apparent idealism, his latent materialist agenda will surface once he takes over the administration of the USA.

There's much more. The low-key psychic says that Obama's win will signal the beginning of the world era of much difficulty and chaos. The global recession obtaining at the moment will not be resolved by the new administration, and instead, will deteriorate into a world crisis. Also, Obama will supposedly befriend, or be befriended by, a political figure of a Muslim state--an association that would somehow adversely impact on President Obama's foreign affairs and domestic policies. Apo says that Nostradamus' dire predictions for the US and the world could likely come to fruition under the Obama presidency (He did not elaborate so I'm not sure what particular Nostradamus quatrain he refers to, but I'm wondering whether he meant the scenario of that Middle Eastern man with blue turban bringing terror to the West as depicted in The Man Who Saw Tomorrow movie).

Assassination attempts on Arroyo & Estrada

Apo also predicts that deposed and defamed ex-President Joseph Estrada will run again for the Philippine presidency. Based on current developments when the opposition appears disunited, and on past statements of Estrada indicating that he'll run himself if the opposition will not field a unified candidate, this prediction does not seem far-fetch. The psychic also says the former President will win--something not really surprising, considering how he continues to be mobbed wherever he goes and how various surveys show how the Filipinos view him as innocent of the Plunder charges for which he was convicted.

The startling part of Apo's Estrada prediction is that the defamed Philippine President will be assassinated by a group who cannot accept his comeback in Philippine politics. Such a scenario would not come, however, before Gloria Arroyo herself, the incumbent who grabbed power from Estrada, and who is widely believed to have cheated opposition standard bearer FPJ during the 2004 elections, becomes subject to an assassination plot after she steps down in 2010.

Apo has more to say, like the Philippines doing an Atlantis (translation: will sink deep into the ocean bottom) if the Filipinos don't reform as a nation--whatever he means by that. His other predictions are still far fetched in time, so for the moment, my focus is on his short-to-medium term predictions. Are Apo's "predictions" accurate, just silly figments of imagination, or simply hoax material?

Frankly, I find Apo's predictions very bleak and rather belonging to the doomsdayers' stuff. I've been tempted to dismiss them as crazy stuff had I not reminded myself that this same Apo told me some six months earlier that Obama would prevail over Hillary Clinton in the primaries(much to my violent chagrin because I was hoping for a Hillary-Obama Democratic ticket). Ever the rational yet open-minded fellow that I am, I think I'm going to wait and see.



The Man Who Saw Tomorrow. Prod. Paul Drane, et al., & Dir. Robert Guenette. Warner Bros, January 1981.

Postscript 1:
(5 November 2008)

The US elections are a done deal. Obama wins. Now brace yourself for the determining figures: Obama's 349 vs. McCain's 163 electoral votes, out of a total of 512. Next, do your math. Final tally reveals that Obama got 68.16%, over McCain's 31.86%. In approximate terms, the resulting difference is one-third, or in exact figures, 36.3% electoral vote lead.

Are you getting the shudders now? Apo predicted about one-third Obama lead, which I wrote as "approximately 33 percent lead over Mccain." Given that the Apo meant the figure as an approximation, I say this part of his predictions has been "proved" right: so accurate that if it is off, it's just by a only around 3.3%. I've been sort of hoping that the final figures would be far away from Apo's predictions because if that were the case, logic would dictate that the rest of his morbid foretelling would be wrong as well.

Unfortunately, that ain't the case. I'm starting to wonder whether former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton never really stood a chance against Sen. Barack during the primaries. Has Obama's victory been long written in the stars? I mean, long been fated, and inscribed on the Akashic records by Nostradamus?

Postscript 2:
(5 November 2008)

There's one "heavy" part of Apo's prediction that I opted not to include because it was so "negative" of a future America. I've decided to append this deleted portion in the aftermath of Obama's victory because it should look good contrasting with the future policies of the US President-elect who campaigned on a mantra of liberal, progressive change, Here it is:
"Under the Obama presidency, America will show its true color, evil color."

How Americans, or the US, can be so wicked as described in the prediction is beyond me. I'm thinking it may have something to do with what the Apo himself described as the materialist course Obama is supposed to lead his country into. The world knows America to be a bully and even actual colonizer in the past but for it to be termed "evil" sounds like an exaggeration.



Anonymous said...

Great blog entry. Your psychic seems to have the most accurate (and most plausible) predictions about an Obama presidency out there so far. If you speak with him again, could you please share more of his insight in another blog entry? It'd be interesting to hear more of what he sees for the future of America under this new presidency. I'm not completely sold on Mr. Obama either, and I'm a democrat. There's just something about him that feels wrong. Keep up the good work with your blog :)


P.S. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow is a great special. I remember watching it over the years and it's still great today, even though it is a little outdated.

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me more what you see in 2009 2010 during obama period. i am a democrat and i live near dc but i am very very scared. i have this knot in my stomach worst then when bush got in please tell mewhat you see. carla

Jesusa Bernardo said...

Thanks, Aimee and Carla. If I'll be lucky enough to hear more of Apo's predictions, I'll be glad to post them through through another blog entry.

If there's anything obviously off with Obama, it's got to be his lack of inexperience. What he is perceived to stand for and his promise of change are very good indeed, but the fact is that only those elderly in wisdom ought to take the critical top leadership post. Four years of preparation for the presidency while the vice-president under a Hillary Clinton administration would have been the most ideal. Sorry for the ranting but what happens to America affects the rest of the world.

Obama's already the President-elect. Even Nostradamus and Apo say fate can be changed somehow. Let's just hope Obama gains wisdom fast enough before he makes damning policy decisions.

Anonymous said...

How about Obama's real birth certificate? When will he produce his birth certificate? Was he born in Kenya?

In Asia, few famous Psychics predicted long before Obama run for the White House. They predicted that America will have Black President and he will bring sufferings upon this earth, and the WWIII will start from 2009 to 2012, and millions to billions will die and the blood will rise.

We hope no war, but weall have been fated. Obama does not even know or ever wanted to be evil or Anti_Christ, but he was born to be.

Anonymous said...

How about Obama's real birth certificate? When will he produce his birth certificate? Was he born in Kenya?

In Asia, few famous Psychics predicted long before Obama run for the White House. They predicted that America will have Black President and he will bring sufferings upon this earth, and the WWIII will start from 2009 to 2012, and millions to billions will die and the blood will rise.

We hope no war, but weall have been fated. Obama does not even know or ever wanted to be evil or Anti_Christ, but he was born to be.

Jesusa Bernardo said...

Hi, Anonymous. Yes, there have psychic predictions of a Black US president long before Obama came into the political picture. Apo made no mention of Obama's birth origins.

It is worth noting that even Nostradamus said fate can be "CHANGED" (reminds you of a campaign mantra?). Perhaps, if Obama can be warned enough, or if he'll care to listen, the bad things "fated" can be changed. We can pray and hope for the best, meantime.

Anonymous said...

"Apo's prediction that I opted not to include because it was so "negative" of a future America." What was so negative? If you mind could you please, inform me of the answer?


Anonymous said...

"Apo's prediction that I opted not to include because it was so "negative" of a future America."
What was so negative? If you don't mind could you please inform me of the answer?


Jesusa Bernardo said...

Hi Ivy! Thanks for the visit and comment.

I actually already indicated in the postscript what that "negative" is about. It's just a characterization of a FUTURE United States--as "evil" and "showing its true color" (which I guessed to be extreme materialism that will develop among Americans and their government).

I'm aware there's some anticipation over there, but I promise you gals and guys that I'll try to consult again with Apo. Good day. :)

Anonymous said...

Now that some time has elapsed, any news from your psychic? By the way, what is his name? I may have seen him before and every one of his predictions about me have come true except for one and I wanted to get in contact with him but has since moved back to the states. Any way you could link us if it is the same guy? Thanks for your blog! One of my favorite.

Jesusa Bernardo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesusa Bernardo said...

Hi Mr./Ms. Anonymous. Thanks for the comment.

There is one news, and he told me this a few months ago but I did not have time to develop it into another article, particularly since it's only a singular prediction: he said that there's a very strong probability that Cha-Cha would push through because "mahirap talunin ang demonyo." Not my words, pls.!

As to your psychic friend, I strongly doubt we refer to the same guy. This one's extremely low-key and elusive. I just happened to be lucky enough to know him through someone else.

Take care all of you "kababayan" there in the US

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have found this forum. I do psychic readings for a living and have felt from day one that there was something VERY wrong with Mr. Obama. It is even difficult for me to listen to his voice. There's some heavy-duty, negative, blinded-by-ego undercurrents in him. I am so tired of hearing many "famous" psychics and channelers refer to him as a "lightworker" and part of the essence of Lincoln, etc. They are blind to his true nature. It amazes me. Thank God Apo has some clarity and that you have communicated it. Thank you and please keep us posted. I'd love to have a chat with Apo myself and hear more about what Apo has to say!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, its now mid-2012 and besides the psychic's prediction that Obama will win, he seems to have gotten everything else wrong. Erap didnt win the presidency again. GMA so far hasnt had any assasination attempt on her life and she has been out of office for almost 2 years now. The pyschic didnt even mention PNoy and he is the president now. There wasnt any CHA-CHA either before GMA stepped down.

Jesusa Bernardo said...

hindi naman ho sinabing idedeklarang panalo eh. ang sinabi lang ng psychic ay mananalo. hindi mo ho ba narinig na ang pinaka.maprinsipipyong mga kandidato sa pampanguluhan noong mayo 10, 2010--na umaming talo sila--ay naniniwalang nagkaroon ng dayaan, ng HOCUS PCOS kung kaya naluklok si "pangulong" BS Aquino. pati si ka joma sison at mga computer programmers at experts, nag.expose diyan sa dayaang iyan. :)

tungkol sa asasinasyon kay arroyo, nagkaroon ho ng balitang asasination attempt o plano.

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