Friday, May 04, 2007

Whom to Vote for in the May 2007 Elections

Are you at a loss on whom to vote for during the coming May 2007 Philippine Polls? For the senatorial slots, I suggest we should only vote on the basis of Principle and Performance exhibited overtime.

1. Edgardo Angara
2. Noynoy Aquino
3. Nikki Coseteng
4. Alan Cayetano
5. Chiz Escudero
6. Richard Gomez
7. Gringo Honasan
8. Loren Legarda
9. Tessie Aquino-Oreta
10. John Sonny Osmena
11. Koko Pimentel
12. Antonio Trillanes

I will vote for ....

- Ed Angara because of his longstanding wisdom both as a legislator and as a Filipino politician. He has authored/supported genuinely landmark bills on education (Free High School), elderly (Senior Citizen's), agriculture, etc. Through four Presidents, he has proved his mind and heart for the masses sans being confrontational.

- Antonio Trillanes because of a keen mind and a debater's articulacy combined with the true courage of a principled soldier. Together, his traits are the make up of a potentially great leader. You should see how he trounced Sen. Joker Arroyo during the Oakwood Mutiny hearings. That should also explain why Joker adamantly refuses to take on Trillanes' challenge for a debate.

- Nikki Coseteng on the basis of her sensible, laudable work as Congresswoman and later, as Senator in the 9th and 10th Congress. As politician, she was a champion of nationalist and humanitarian ideals: she pushed for a cap on our foreign debt payment, the minimized influence of the IMF-WB and closer-to-equal rights for women.

- Richard Gomez on three counts: his pro-masa advocacies long before his intention to run for elective position (for one, he was anti-drug Kabataan czar as KIDS chairman); his penchant for excelling in almost all meaningful endeavours--as an actor/host, national sportsman (gold/silver/bronze in rowing and fencing in 1995/1997/2001/2003 Southeast Asian Games)--and his personal principles as exemplified by his signing of the pre-nuptial agreement with Lucy. Also, my extra vote is the least he can get for being deprived of the victory for his Mamamayan Ayaw sa Droga (MAD) party list seat in 2001.

- John Osmena simply because he has proved, and will probably continue, to be a valuable asset to the Senate's lawmaking and investigative functions. The Philippines is indebted to his host of exposes on anomalous government deals and his role in opposing President Fidel Ramos' bid to extend his term through the 1990's foiled Charter Change.

- Tessie Aquino-Oreta not because she apologized for her "dancing" in the Senate, but precisely because she "danced". Sorry, but I really think those who walked out of the Estrada Impeachment proceedings deserved it. The orchestrated walk-out led to Edsa 2, that in turn paved the way for the current hell in this part of the globe.

-Koko Pimentel, for being a chip of the old honorable block. He is of course a bar topnotcher who I expect to follow in the principled fight and advocacies of his father. As a top-caliber lawyer of moral fiber, he should be indispensable to the Philipppine Senate.

- Noynoy Aquino because of, well, the tradition of the principled stance of Ninoy, our hero, and former President Cory. While he and his mother erred by being instrumental in the 2001 power grab against a majority President that was Erap Estrada, they've been trying to make up for some time now. Of course, I'm not one to forget the Hacienta Luisita incident but then again, it was a corporation and I'm honestly unsure of whose responsibility the killings fall on.

- Alan Cayetano because he represents the youthful spirit of a peaceful legislative solution to a recidivist problem that is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: this, in the light of his dedicated support to the two Arroyo impeachment cases and his exposes on the First Gentleman. He is also the embodiment of a clear, fluid conscience that's thicker than the blood of the father. Alan's turning oppositionist to protest the 2004 Presidential Polls cheating is wonderfully surprising, given the elder Rene Cayetano's virulently critical role in deposing Estrada and installing Arroyo.

-Loren Legarda because of her Senate record of efficiency and consistently honorable stance on environmental, human rights, feminist, nationalist and other issues and her courage to stand up for the poor and the underdog. Besides, a Senate seat in the incoming Congress is the very least she deserves after her tandem with Fernando Poe Jr. got the dishonorable and despicable "Hello Garci" treatment.

-- Chiz Escudero because he is the epitome of congenial eloquence, down-to-earth sensibility and principled legislation rolled in one bundle. His very articulate perceptions and analysis of the unpleasant national circumstances obtaining under Arroyo in his trademark stinging-but-congenial fashion has been simply admirable and even addictive.


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