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Why Edsa 1 Is Sacred & Edsa 2, Immoral: A Pictorial Comparison

On the 24th anniversary of the original EDSA "People Power" Revolution (February 22-25, 1986), let's look back and try to compare the historic event with the second "People Power," the so-called EDSA II that primarily took place again in the streets intersecting EDSA Ave., Metro Manila from January 17-20, 2001.



EDSA 1: Patriotic
EDSA 2: Judgmental


EDSA 1: Defiant, but clear of invectives
EDSA 2: Hateful, full of curses


EDSA 1: Children used to win hearts
EDSA 2: Minors used to express hate


EDSA 1: Nuns meek & prayerful

EDSA 2: Nuns haughty, did thumbs down


EDSA 1: Hopeful people
EDSA 2: Haughty mob


EDSA 1: Sea of human tank stoppers
EDSA 2: Nothing to stop


EDSA 1: "L," for Laban sign
EDSA 2: Thumbs down, w/ mocking faces


EDSA 1: Where were the Reds?
EDSA 2 : Left & Right unholy alliance


The Ousted in EDSA 1: Dictator Ferdinand Marcos
The Ousted in EDSA 2: Democratically elected Estrada


EDSA 1: Noble

EDSA 2: Undemocratic


EDSA 1: A Revolution
EDSA 2: A Power Grab


EDSA 1 President: Corazon Cojuangco Aquino (later perceived as "Least Corrupt President in Philippine History")

EDSA 2 President: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (the Illegitimate, later perceived to be the "Most Corrupt President in Philippine History")


EDSA 1: People Power, for real

EDSA 2: Mob Power, impostor revolution

The revolution of EDSA I sure was real. The original EDSA sought the overhaul of government, not just the ouster of one man. The crowd was defiant but respectful; the religious, meek and prayerful, not derisive nor haughty. February 1986 showcased the "People Power" of a whole nation, which well included the simple masses. It was the culmination of years of Filipinos' yearning and struggle for democracy. EDSA I restored freedom in this country. It is sacred.

EDSA II was an impostor People Power. Belatedly renounced by Cory Aquino, the very yellow embodiment of the original EDSA, it was haughty, derisive, bad-mouthed, judgmental, undemocratic, not spontaneous but conspiratorial. The EDSA of January 2001 was a power grab in disguise, which sought nothing but the downfall of a democratically elected President. It showed the power of an educated but gullible, ill-mannered mob of middle class (and Left). It also revealed the guile and the disrespect of political, business and religious elites towards democratic institutions. EDSA II is immoral.

Then there's the unsuccessful EDSA 3 of May 2001, a real revolution that aimed to rectify the fallacy of the EDSA 2 power grab, but which pathetically failed because the elites arrogated unto themselves the exclusive claim to EDSA. Buried in history, its importance was both undermined and misread by the elites and the Left. But that would be another Philippine EDSA story....

EDSA 3 (April 25 - May 1, 2001) bloodily dispersed....


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